Based in New Zealand, Dr/Professor Sharad Paul is a world-leader in skin, skin cancer specialist, and a master skincare formulator.


He has published and lectured widely on skin cancer medicine and surgical procedures, and is the author of popular bestsellers, Skin, a Biography (4th Estate), The Genetics of Health (Simon and Schuster) and TEDx talks. His pioneering research into skin and skin lines has led to several innovative skin care products that are sold internationally.

Dr Sharad holds senior academic positions at universities in Australia and New Zealand. His research interests are skin lines, skin wrinkling, sun damage, and sunscreens. In 2012, Dr Sharad was awarded the NZ Medical Association’s highest honour, only given to one doctor across all specialties.

All products in the Dr Sharad range are manufactured at a state-of-the art facility in the USA that holds an FDA drug manufacturing license.

  • 25+ years in skin practice

  • 150,000+ patients

  • 100+ research papers

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INSPIRATION: Created for New Zealand -- with its uniquely amazing environment, pure air, high winds and the harsh southern hemisphere sun; suitable for sensitive and Asian skin 

INNOVATION: Anti-aging “sun-care” developed for the active Kiwi lifestyle; science-driven skincare with unique plant extracts and peptides; sunscreens without harmful chemicals

INTEGRITY: Formulated by an MD - Dr Sharad Paul, New Zealand’s own international skin cancer expert; manufactured at an FDA-licensed facility to the highest standards

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