2015: Ko Awatea International Excellence Award to Dr Sharad Paul for "improving skin cancer management, education and patient-centred care across several countries."

INSPIRATION: Created for New Zealand -- with its uniquely amazing environment, pure air, high winds and the harsh southern hemisphere sun; suitable for sensitive and Asian skin 

INNOVATION: Anti-aging “sun-care” developed for the active Kiwi lifestyle; science-driven skincare with unique plant extracts and peptides; sunscreens without harmful chemicals

INTEGRITY: Formulated by an MD - Dr Sharad Paul, New Zealand’s own international skin cancer expert; manufactured at an FDA-licensed facility to the highest standards




I am using the Dr Sharad Mineral Sunscreen (SPF 30 Broad Spectrum) ... It has been amazing this summer to have enjoyed all my usual outdoor activities and never once showed any signs that I have been exposed to the sun! I cannot recommend this mineral sunscreen highly enough and sincerely believe that anyone that cares about theirs or their loved ones’ skin health should invest in this miraculous defence against the sun's harmful rays.

~ Mr Gregory MacCarthy Morrogh (schoolteacher and aging surfer)

FDA standards SPF and Water Resistance Test Report
Eurofins Dermatest Water Resistance Test Report ANZ-TGA standards
Eurofins Dermatest SPF Test Full Report ANZ-TGA standards
FDA and ANZ Standards Broad Spectrum Test Report

False sunscreen information dangerous for consumers - expert



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